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Information on social legislation in Luxembourg

No time to follow the changes in legislation ? Are you worried that you will miss an amendment and badly fullfil your administrative, social and tax obligations ? Upon demand, you will be regularly updated of changes in social legislation on different subjects: hiring a student, leave, part-time ...

February 12: the increase of postnatal leave

February 19: the reform of exceptional leave

February 26: the paternity leave

March 5: the contribution to the Chamber of Employees

March 12: the leave for family reasons

March 26: the new forms for compensatory allowance in case of occupational reclassification

April 3: transition year for co-financing aid

April 16: the refund of contributions that exceed the contributory ceiling

April 23: law update regarding students' employment outside school holidays

May 14: the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

May 28: the 2019 social elections

June 4: the reimbursement form for paternity leave

June 11: how to be kept informed about leave left for family reasons

June 18: 29-days tolerance for French cross-borders commuters

June 25: Change for yellow number plates

July 16: the continuation of salary in case of inability to work because of illness

July 23: adaptation of the legislation regarding the resignation of an employee for serious offence on the part of the employer

July 30: the re-employment assistance reform

August 20: the indexing of wages

August 27: the 52-week limit for illness soon to be extended

September 17: 5 Questions and Answers about Form A1

September 24: employer's responsibility concerning sick leave

October 8: change for covering by CNS in case of work inability

October 22: the register of personal data processing activities

November 19: the update on employee surveillance

This week: social elections: the electronic platform

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