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Officient: your tool for day-to-day HR management

Your organisation has a wealth of HR data, but too often it is difficult to access, being held on a range of incompatible Excel sheets, paper files, legacy IT systems, and more.

You need an intuitive, user-friendly digital platform to centralise this data and related processes. Officient has the answer. It makes it easy for you and your organisation to use and share important HR-related information.



Officient is accessible from any electronic device, as it works from a highly secure cloud-based platform. This also gives our teams direct access so they can calculate salaries, in full compliance with GDPR.

Key advantages :

App_OfficientIncrease staff engagement with Officient’s self-service application:

  • Process leave requests and communicate overtime
  • Consult salary slips and upload documents (such as medical certificates)
  • Electronic document signature
  • Access salary information
  • Consult evaluation reports
  • Carry out on-boarding and other administrative workflow tasks

APIWe make it easy to connect your firm’s existing IT tools with the platform using our innovative Application Programming Interface (API).
Data will thus flow automatically back and forth between your systems and Officient.


Officient, a fully cloud-based service :

Simplify your daily human resources management with this multifunctional tool.


Have an overview of your workforce, including freelancers, interns, temp workers, and more.

Employee files

Each colleague’s digital file

  • Personal contact details
  • Leave totals and balances
  • Documents (pay slip, medical certificate, tax form…)
  • Inventory of work equipment (laptop, mobile, badge..)
  • Company car
  • Training
  • Personalised data fields

A calendar displaying validated leave and other information such as overtime and training.
Send all salary data for processing in a couple of clicks.
Use a weekly overview to manage each employees’ working-time records
Quickly add leave for groups of employees. Useful for collective leave, for example.

Document management

Draw up contracts and other employee-agreements easily using templates.
Send contracts, notes, and internal policies to colleagues and managers for electronic signature.
Assign individual documents to your staff (pay slips, insurance documents…).
Receive administrative documents quickly from your staff (ID cards, certificates, etc.).


See in detail which members of staff have which work tools. 

Car fleet

See the details of your car fleet (model, year etc).


Plan employee training.
See past and future training for each employee.
Receive alerts when staff are due to start a new training course. Each employee will also receive a detailed reminder via the self-service app.


Create a digital check-list for procedures such as on-boarding, off-boarding, etc.
Assign tasks easily to staff, managers, and the HR team.
Create fixed workflows for administrative information. This might be for expenses or related to dispute-resolution procedures.

HR analysis

HR staff will have:

  • A detailed overview of salaries
  • Details of each employee’s complete salary package
  • Updates of total salary costs
  • Comparison of salary costs between teams, country, age, sex etc.
  • A complete overview of any absenteeism and leave
  • Manage teams with an overview of staffing levels.
Personalised data fields

Add personalised data fields as needed.
Your colleagues can also use these fields to add personal and other data.

Performance interviews

Keep track of staff achievements and managers’ follow-up.
Organise performance interviews, ensuring that your staff have the necessary preparatory information.
Share reports internally with HR, managers and others.


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We know your time is precious…

To save even more time, Securex has developed an outsourcing offering that makes using Officient an even more efficient and personalised experience.

Optimisation, personnalisation et digitalisation de vos procédures et documents RH stratégiques :

We are your Officient Business Partner! Optimise your human resources management by combining Officient’s functionality with our experience of best HR practice.

We will analyse your HR procedures as well as your legal and other documents, and then integrate these into Officient:

  • Workflow design: alignment of procedures with Officient processes
  • Creation of document templates and HR rules, which are then easily accessible from Officient
  • Creation of alerts so that your legal deadlines are never forgotten
  • Personalise and adapt Employee Self Service (ESS), the digital portal for staff
  • Optimise how absences are managed using this tool
  • Personalised HR data management to keep track of work tools, work event information (such as Christmas presents…), employee preferences, and more.

A Securex audit is:

  • A diagnosis of your business’ needs
  • Analysis of the data you have and what further information you need to collect
  • HR-team training
  • More integrated and more efficient HR

If you would like an audit please ask. The set-up is free of charge.