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Pinboard - July 2023

  • The Economic Tax Credit : finally voted !
  • Token and telework declaration for cross-border employees
  • Germany: 34-day tax tolerance threshold soon !
  • Work-life balance : two new extraordinary leaves
  • Extension of paternity leave
  • Meal vouchers: possible increase in face value to €15 as of 2024
  • Entry into force of the right to disconnect since the 4th July
  • Protection of whistleblowers : have you set up your internal reporting channel?
  • Third-country nationals who are family members of EU citizens:  end of transitional period for paper documents 

Pinboard - April2023

  • 1st april 2023 : new wage indexation
  • New earnings brackets for seizure and assignment for wage
  • New law about workplace mobbing
  • Reminder about tax cards
  • News about posting 
  • STM - medical questionnaire
  • Last mile for your INFPC file
  • Contribution to the chamber of employees

Pinboard - January 2023

  • January 2023: New social parameters for the calculation of wages
  • Benefit in kind – company cars: new rates as of 2023 and 2025
  • Abolition of the advance payment of social security contributions
  • Salary indexations to be expected!
  • Teleworking: tax and social security tolerance thresholds
  • Profit sharing bonus : group results taken into account
  • Tax regime for impatriates: easing of eligibility conditions
  • Temporary VAT reduction

Pinboard - October 2022

  • 2023: Forthcoming index brackets and increase in the minimum social wage (MSW)
  • Abolition of advance payments of social security contributions
  • Teleworking by French border residents: increase in the tax tolerance threshold to 34 days and forthcoming tax simplification for the employer
  • Partial unemployment and the energy crisis
  • Aid to companies particularly hard hit by the rising energy prices
  • Bill: introduction of two new extraordinary leaves
  • Payroll Giving: give it some thought!

Pinboard - July 2022

  • Telework and social security: Transition period until 31 December 2022
  • Telework and taxation: No extension of freeze agreements
  • Energy Tax Credit (ETC) and postponement of next indexation to April 2023
  • COVID-19: Reduction of the isolation period from 10 to 7 days
  • Certificate of affiliation now available on!
  • Fleet: Aid to companies to invest in charging stations for electric vehicles

Pinboard - April 2022

  • Wage indexation and new social parameters
  • New energy tax credit
  • Telework: extension of agreements
  • Details on the implementation of telework
  • End of family leave for COVID-19?
  • Contribution to the Chamber of Employees
  • Last mile for your INFPC file

Pinboard - January 2022

  • Telework: extension of agreements:
  • Various measures for the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Extension of certain employment measures
  • Electronic withholding Tax Cards
  • New parameters for the calculation of wages
  • Reform of Company car Taxation
  • Application for A1 certificates for French residents
  • Electronic certificate of incapicity for work in Germany

Pinboard - October 2021

  • Electronic tax cards: Remember to apply for and activate your token!
  • Indexation is triggered!
  • Telework: extension of agreements
  • France backtracks on the new tax regime of the Franco-Luxembourgish tax treaty
  • Covid Check in the company
  • Recommendations of the Ministry of Health for returning to the office
  • Reminder on leave carry-over
  • ADEM: Digitalization of assignments

Pinboard - April 2021

  • Aid following the increase in the social minimum wage
  • Extension of leave for family reasons
  • New rules for short-time work
  • What about VAT on company cars?
  • What about public holidays falling on a weekend?
  • Telework: extension of agreements
  • The new electronic tax cards are coming

Pinboard – January 2021

  • Increase of the social minimum wage
  • New parameters for calculating wages
  • Change of the CO₂ standard and impact on the payroll
  • New developments for the 2021 tax cards
  • Derogations following the covering of costs for COVID-19
  • Abrogation of two Inland Revenue circulars: stock options and impatriates
  • Apprenticeship bonus
  • New rules concerning leave for family reasons in the context of the covid-19 pandemic

Pinboard – October 2020

  • Family leave in the event of quarantine or isolation of a child
  • Brexit: new formalities for the British nationals
  • New collective bargaining agreement on telework
  • Short-time working due to Covid-19: offset mechanism
  • New legislation on occupational redeployment
  • Government announcements for 2021
  • Leasing: Think of the change in benefits in kind in January 2021!
  • Telework for commuters: extension until 31st December 2020
  • Social contribution: end of Covid-19 measures
  • COVID-19: the STM replaces pre-recruitment examinations by an opinion on the file
  • New bill: bonus for supporting apprenticeship

Pinboard – July 2020

  • End of the crisis period and its consequences
  • New rules for short-time working
  • Update for trainees
  • Where are we on teleworking?
  • Extension of leave for family support
  • Simplification of change of address for non-residents
  • Specific aspects for third-country nationals
  • New: transmit your student contracts to the ITM via MyGuichet
  • Franco-Luxembourgish tax treaty: signing of 2 amicable agreements

Pinboard – January 2020

  • Indexation has been triggered
  • Calculation of salaries – New social parameters
  • Change in the CO₂ standard and impact on the payroll
  • What are the rules concerning a public holiday that falls on a weekend?
  • Reminder concerning the work permit

Pinboard - October 2019

  • Calculation of holiday allowance
  • Franco-Luxembourgish tax treaty already reformed!
  • Implementation of an “employment inclusion assistance activity”
  • Recognition of the right of an employee on leave to “disconnect”
  • Postponement of the annual holiday
  • What about the next wage indexation?

Pinboard - April 2019

  • What is Payroll Giving?
  • Additional leave and official holiday
  • New increase of minimum social wage planned
  • Creation of a new tax credit
  • New law for Time Savings Account (TSA)
  • Deduction at source in France: Impact for Luxembourg?
  • What about the next wage indexing?

Pinboard - January 2019

  • Increase of minimum social wage
  • Calculation of salaries – new social parameters
  • Changes in accommodation expenses abroad
  • What about leave entitlements in 2019?
  • New developments in cash benefits as of 1 January 2019
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