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Highlight - Archives 2019

Information on social legislation in Luxembourg

No time to follow the changes in legislation ? Are you worried that you will miss an amendment and badly fullfil your administrative, social and tax obligations ? Upon demand, you will be regularly updated of changes in social legislation on different subjects: hiring a student, leave, part-time ...

Our 2019 Archives

December 23, 2019: the new European Directive on the posting of workers

December 16, 2019: end-of-year bonus or 13th month

December 09, 2019: trial period and illness: what is important to know!

December 02, 2019: the termination of the contract during the trial period

November 19, 2019: the recognition of the right of an employee on leave to "disconnect"

November 12, 2019: the implementation of an "employment inclusion assistance activity"

November 5, 2019: the calculation of holiday allowance

October 9, 2019: what can the employer do for the environment?

October 2, 2019: the key points for concluding an apprenticeship contract

September 9, 2019: posting in France: new developments

August 29, 2019: obligations of the employer in case of heatweave

August 13, 2019 the recording of daily working time

August 5, 2019: the new Franco-Luxembourgish agreement

July 22, 2019: the social parameters 2019

July 15, 2019: the student employment contract

July 1, 2019: public holidays and part-time employees - how to proceed?

June 24, 2019: how to pay the public holiday of June 23, 2019?

June 17, 2019: the Time Savings Account (TSA)

May 29, 2019: the exemption from work for medical conditions

May 22, 2019: method for calculating the benefit in kind for company cars

May 13, 2019: creation of a new tax credit

May 6, 2019: additional leave and official holiday­

April 12, 2019: telework for franch residents: toward greater flexibility?

March 28, 2019: new measure for phased return to work on health grounds

March 6, 2019: the contribution to the Chamber of Employees

February 25, 2019: the training leave: all you need to know

February 18, 2019: the 2019 social contribution rates

January 28, 2019: reform of the supplementary pension scheme

January 21, 2019: travel and accomodation expenses

January 10, 2019: accident insurance: implementation of a no-claims bonus scheme

January 3, 2019: the increase in the minimum social wage