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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Securex Luxembourg SA attaches great importance to the respect of your privacy and your browsing comfort on our websites and applications. For this reason, we use on our websites and applications cookies that respect your privacy..

What do we mean by cookies?

Cookies are little files generated by a web server which you consult and that store themselves on your computer’s hard disk. They enable you to accelerate your future access to the website or the application which the cookies are linked to and to facilitate the consultation of the website or the use of the application. Generally speaking, the cookies bear an expiry date. Thus, certain cookies are suppressed as soon as you close your browser (the so-called “session cookies”). Other cookies stay longer on your computer, sometimes even until you suppress them manually (the “persistent cookies”).

Which types of cookies do we use?

Securex Luxembourg SA uses three types of cookies:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our site. For example, they enable you to navigate through the pages of the site, give you access to secure areas or remember your language preference. You cannot refuse them if you want to visit our site.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies help us to determine whether, how often and for how long certain pages or sub-pages of our website are viewed and what content users are particularly interested in. Search terms, country, region are also recorded, as well as the proportion of mobile devices that are used to access the website. We use this information to compile statistical reports that help us tailor the content of our website. You can refuse these cookies if you wish to do so.

Securex Luxembourg SA uses the following cookies/plug-ins :

  • Google analytics
  • Tag Facebook

Performance cookies

 Performance cookies allow us to anonymously collect information about the use of our site in order to optimize its performance and provide you  the best possible user experience. This information is not shared with a third party. You can refuse these cookies if you wish to do so. 

Securex Luxembourg SA uses the following cookie/plug-in : ReCaptcha


For more information about this cookie policy and the exercise of your rights in this respect, feel free to contact Securex by such means as described in the Privacy Policy.