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Mobility Management
Mobility management: The Securex Fleet Approach

Do you want to deploy a vehicle fleet or do you already manage one?

Securex relieves you of the administrative burden associated with this management thanks to its bespoke service offer.

Reconnect with your core business and reach for the sky

A real economic challenge, a recruitment lever, but also a matter of specialized financial and fiscal expertise, fleet management can quickly become complex and time-consuming.

The array of specific features actually places it at the junction of your Human Resources (HR) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies, which have an impact on the relationship with your employees. It entails a heavy follow-up and financial burden, often calling on different resources in your company, such as HR but also finance or general services.

Manage a vehicle fleet properly and not be beholden to it
  • Save time
  • Optimise your direct, indirect and fiscal costs
  • Keep your employees satisfied
  • Ensure accurate and qualitative monitoring of the vehicle fleet and its allocation to employees
  • Comply with tax and legal regulations
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
A single point of contact between all your partners

Our mission is to ensure the administrative, financial and strategic management of your fleet. We become your day-to-day partner, providing you with advice and support to relieve you from the constraints of fleet use while optimizing your costs and saving you time.

We will provide you with a wide range of complementary skills (HR, payroll, legal, HRIS) to offer you a 360° view of your fleet.

A unique data integration tool

Our exclusive tool centralizes all your information, often from different sources (rental companies, manufacturers, oil companies, trustees, etc.) and integrates all payroll data (budgets, rents, fuel, benefits in kind, profit-sharing, etc.) to give you rapid access to the information you need.


Mobility Management, a full-service offer:
Employee assistance

Our fleet expert is available to assist your employees throughout the term of their leasing contract.

Payroll integration in our fleet reports

Are you already a Securex customer? We will integrate the payroll data directly into our fleet reports.

Monthly multi-leasing report

A monthly fleet review is provided with lots of financial and operational information according to your specific requirements.


Don't worry about your leasers' invoices. We manage the verification and allocation of invoices for you, and also provide an accounting interface

Legal and judicial assistance

Move up a gear and anticipate tomorrow's mobility issues: our lawyers stand by to help you.

Operational management of the fleet

Have a safe journey with us! Securex becomes your partner of choice to save you time day in and day out, from delivery to the return of vehicles.

Car policy

This is the company's internal car policy, which comprises the rights and obligations of employees. You don't have one yet? Has yours not been updated for several years and no longer reflects the current market or taxation framework? Whatever your needs, Securex can provide advice and guidance.

Purchasing policy

Selection of marks, volume, prices, discounts, appointments, stock management, integration of models into your car policy... So many tasks that gradually eat into your time. Securex manages your fleet purchases so that you can focus on running your business.


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