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Our IT tool: Officient

For a digital solution to manage your human resources, Securex recommends Officient. It is a user-friendly, intuitive cloud-based platform for your HR data and procedures.
Officient can be accessed online at all times in total security via any connected IT device. This tool enables you to centralise and visualise your digital data, such as salaries, absences, contracts and codicils, company rules, and more. Officient also has attractive functionality, such as allowing electronic signatures and workflow creation. Your employees will have quick, easy access to their data online. For example, they can request leave from the app, download their payslips, and manage their personal data. Our teams will have direct, secure access to the information we need to calculate your salaries, thus saving you considerable time.
Thanks for our Application Programming Interface (API) technology, you can link this platform with your company’s IT systems, enabling the automatic transfer of data back and forth to Officient. There is also a dedicated time management tool, featuring tools such as a time clock.
Officient is constantly being updated to take into account businesses’ evolving personnel management needs. If needed, we give online assistance on using the application.

Managing your personnel has never been so easy!


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