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Highlight - Archives 2020

Information on social legislation in Luxembourg

No time to follow the changes in legislation ? Are you worried that you will miss an amendment and badly fullfil your administrative, social and tax obligations ? Upon demand, you will be regularly updated of changes in social legislation on different subjects: hiring a student, leave, part-time ...


Nos archives 2020

December 28, 2020: The postponement of annual leave

December 21, 2020: Increase of the minimum social wage

December 14, 2020: 2021 - Enter in force of the WLTP standard!

November 30, 2020: New legislation on occupational redeployment

November 23, 2020: New collective agreement on telework

November 16, 2020: Covid-19: the STM replaces pre-recruitment examinations with an opinion on the file

November 09, 2020: Brexit - New formalities for the British Nationals

October 30, 2020: France lockdown: new proof of professional travel

October 28, 2020: Curfew in France: implementation of a new travel certificate

October 19, 2020: the new Law concerning the Trainees

October 12, 2020: Social contributions: end of Covid-19 measures

October 5, 2020: what's in store for teleworking?

September 14, 2020: the family leave in the event of quarantine or isolation of a child

September 7, 2020: the student employment contract (updated version)

August 31, 2020: the extension of employment measures

August 24, 2020: what is the deadline for the submission of the monthly statement for short-time working?

August 17, 2020: public holidays and part-time employees: how to proceed?

August 10, 2020: the unpaid leave for training

August 03, 2020: the annual leave

July 27,2020: new amicable agreement by and between France and Luxembourg

March 23, 2020: Training assistance INFPC

March 16, 2020: the contribution to the Chamber of Employees

March 2, 2020: focus on Coronavirus (Covid19)

February 24, 2020: reminder regarding the work permit

February 17, 2020: what are the rules concerning a public holiday that falls on a weekend?

January 30, 2020: the 2020 social contribution rates

January 23, 2020: company car: what are the major issues for the employer?

January 6, 2020: flashnews: indexing of wages


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